Homoeopathy, applied correctly, can heal or at least relieve physical and psychological complaints.

Homoeopathic therapy is particularly promising as an accompaniment to fertility treatment if fertility is restricted by hormonal dysfunctions. For example in the case of menstrual cycle disorders when a woman’s period fails to appear for several weeks or months (oligomenorrhoea) or when there is no ovulation (amenorrhoea), or in the case of a luteal insufficiency or cycle-related pains.

Homoeopathic therapy addresses the body, spirit and soul. Therefore, it can also provide support with respect to the psychological stress during a lengthy fertility treatment. The correct homoeopathic agent stimulates the body’s self-healing capacities and thus assists the fertility of men and women. A partner treatment is usually sensible.

If you are interested, please arrange an appointment with Dr Andrea Stadler, specialist in gynaecology, obstetrics and classic homoeopathy, from 2003 - 2010 member of staff at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, now in the Homeopathic Therapy Practice Centre.
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